Irish Artist Honored

Publication: Los Angeles Wave
By Arnold Adler
Published May 22, 2014

Downey City Councilman Mario Guerra, right, introduces Irish artist Maureen Gaffney Wolfson, center, honored by the county Board of Supervisors for her contributions to the Sister City program in Downey and County Roscommon, Ireland. Looking on at left is Downey Mayor Fernando

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Kevin Cordasco Portrait Unveiled in Calabasas City Library

Publication: Calabasas Style
Published March/April Issue, 2014

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Downey’s Rose Parade float gets a fairy-tale ending

Publication: Long Beach Press Telegram
By Greg Yee
Published December 31, 2013

DOWNEY >> The long road from despair to hope ended for Pearl Crosby-Dillon as she stood beside thousands of flowers in the soft sunlight of a quiet December morning.

She had recently crossed an ocean with her family, coming to Downey

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Sister City Friendship Leads To Life-Saving Surgery

Publication: The Downey Patriot
By Eric Pierce
Published November 7, 2013

When contacted last Tuesday at her home in Dublin, Ireland, the 37-year old youngest daughter of former Roscommon County mayor Tom Crosby, Pearl Crosby-Dillon, who underwent a well-publicized, successful brain tumor surgery on Oct. 8 in Los Angeles, said, sounding like Maureen

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Ailing Woman Finds Help From Socal Connection

Publications: Los Angeles Daily News, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Pasadena Star News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, San Bernardino Sun, Redland Call and South Bay Daily Breeze
By Dennis McCarthy
Published October 25, 2013

Pearl Crosby-Dillion, left, with her mother. Pauline Crosby, center, and painter Maureen Gaffney Wolfson. Crosby-Dillion and her mother came from Ireland

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Maureen Gaffney Wolfson's Kevin Cordasco Portrait Unveiling in Calabasas Library

Publication: Calabasas City Spotlight
Published October 1, 2013

Join host Pablo Pereira with Calabasas Mayor Gaines and City Councilmembers to celebrate the unveiling of Kevin Cordasco's portrait at the Calabasas Library.

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Rives Mansion Is Making A Comeback

Publications: The Downey Patriot
By Eric Pierce
Published August 1, 2013

Downey's Rives Mansion is being restored with plans to transform the historic property into an upscale steakhouse and wine garden.

Ralph Verdugo, Downey resident and owner of Los Angeles Brewing Company, is behind the restoration effort. He signed a 7-year lease earlier

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Happy Tour for 'Harlow' Girl

Publication: The Sunday Bulletin
By Frank Brookhouser
Publication Date: May 2, 1965

MAUREEN GAFFNEY was raised right around the corner from Harvard University, a seat of learning, worked in a pantie factory in Tucson, Ariz. and wound up making movies in Hollywood at 21.

Within the short space of 11 months, the film

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Designer Jackets a Cape Cod Hit

Publication: The Patriot Ledger
By Vera Vida
Publication Date: July 23, 1990

A fantasy fishing village resembling a pastoral Provincetown is painted across the front and back of the denim jacket The beautiful art work is enhanced with an overlayer of glittery paints and is studded with crystals.
“The last step of the

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Correspondence: Cllr. Tom Crosby Roscommon County, Ireland

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St. John Eudes Catholic Church: The Heartline

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Exhibited and Donated Painting for a Charity at The Copacabana in New York City 1983

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In The Mood

Publication: Daily News New York
Publication Date: August 17, 1980

The community gallery in the Bronx will be exhibiting the works of Maureen Gaffney, a painter who creates visual moods, with dark portraits, soft-toned angels, mystery and even a piece called "There's a Man in My Soup," which is a spoof on

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Maureen Gaffney Now Performing at L.A. Gourmet

Publication: Irish News
Publication Date: September 1995

Maureen Gaffney, Irish American entertainer and artist (named woman artist of the year in 1983) and her husband Steve Wolfson are now operating their own restaurant, L.A. Gourmet, located in Chatsworth. L.A. Gourmet is an exceptional enterprise: the food is special and not expensive; there is

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Bostom P.M.

Publication: Boston Evening Globe
By Ron Wysocki
Publication Date: April 13, 1970

Hollywood actress Maureen Gaffney who spent three years on the Red Skelton show with movie roles in "Swinging Summer," "Harlow" and "A Guide for Married Men" has taken a new tack in her career. The pert brunette has come to Boston

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The Denver Post

The blonde starlets who appear in Bill Sargent's "Harlow" movie - it opens May 12 in Denver - will model in the sportwear shop at Neusteters Cherry Creek from 11a.m. to noon Tuesday and will star in the store's Penthouse fashion show following noon luncheon. They'll appear at Neusteters downtown

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Harlowicious Girls Look Jean-uine

Publication: Rocky Mountain News; Denver, Colorado
Publication Date: April 21, 1965

Mother never said there would be days like THIS! In walked Janet. She’s a blond, 5 feet 7, and has a very- pretty smile. In walked Jackie. She’s a blond, 5 feet 7, and has a very pretty smile. And then

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Blonde Lovelies

Publication: Philadelphia Daily News
By Jerry Gaghan
Publication Date: April 1965

IT WAS A DAY for the girl-watchers at Lits. Four shapely platinum blondes from the Bill Sargent film “Harlow” put on a fashion and bathing suit display. Some of the gentlemen caught every show. Three of the girls—Janet Dey, Jackie Andre

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The Purple Pasha

Publication: Leader-Observer
Publication Date: October 20-26, 1983

On November 4th, the annual International Beaux Arts Ball will be held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. This is one of the most brilliant affairs of the year and will feature VIPs from the world of art, entertainment...

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Celtic Artisans

Publication: Celtic Nations World
Source: URL
Publication Date: May 14, 2004

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The Harlow Girls

Publication: The Oregonian
Publication Date: April 16, 1965

The Harlow Girls, celebrating Marshal Naify's presentation of Bill Sargent's "Harlow", an Electronovision production, starring...

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Film Fare

Publication: Los Angeles Times
Publication Date: February 12, 1967

Maureen Gaffney is in "I Crossed the Color Line," opening citywide Wednesday.

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American Artist of the Year to Exhibit at O'Carolan Harp & Traditional Music Festival

Published July 27, 1998

Ms. Maureen Gaffney Wolfson, American Artist of The Year '83 is mounting her 1st European Exhibition titled "Coming Home" at the O’Carolan Harp & Traditional Music Festival, Keadue,Boyle, County Roscommon.

This Major Art Exhibition is regarded as a welcome new development for O’Carolan Harp & Traditional Music

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A Real Support Club in Chatsworth

Publication: The Valley Vantage
By Maja Beckstrom
Published May 25, 1995

I had been told a supper club had opened in Chatsworth ten months ago. *One that has good food, unbelievable prices and entertainment as good as or better than in Las Vegas. On "The Steve Knight Show" I kept getting callers

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Highly-Prized Art

Publication: Belfast Telegraph
Published May 8, 1999

AMERICAN artist Maureen Gaffney has admirers in high places. President Clinton owns two of her paintings and Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese, the past and present Irish presidents, have one each. Frank Sinatra was also a fan – he never missed her exhibitions out in

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Mayor Returns From Ireland With New Sister City

Publication: The Downey Patriot

By Henry Veneracion
Published May 30, 2013

DOWNEY - Back from leading a 9-member delegation to the land of John Gately Downey's birth in Castlesampson - located in the parish of Taughmaconnell, in South County Roscommon, and recognized as the geographical center of Ireland - and which was undertaken at

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American Artist ‘Comes Home’

Publication: Roscommon Herald
By Kathryn Doherty
Published August 5, 1998

This year, for the first time ever, the Keadue Harp Festival programme includes an art exhibition, which features the renowned harpist Turlough O’Carolan as the centre-piece. Entitled “Coming Home”, the show is the culmination of a search for her roots by Hollywood

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Roscommon and Downey Twinning a Joyful Occassion

Publication: Roscommon People
By Eoghan Young-Murphy
Published June 7, 2013

The signing of a twinning agreement between County Roscommon and Downey city in Los Angeles has been heralded as a wonderful success. A 10-person delegation from the Californian city, led by Mayor Mario Guerra, travelled to Roscommon recently to formalise links with the

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Historical Links Forge New Bond between County and Californian City

Publication: Roscommon Herald
By Maresa Fagan
Published May 28, 2013

THE SIGNING of a twinning agreement between County Roscommon and Downey city in Los Angeles, California has raised high hopes that both signatories will benefit through tourism, business, and cultural connections in the future. The US flag was flying proudly outside council

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It's Official: Downey and Roscommon, Ireland Are Sister Cities

Publication: The Downey Patriot
By Eric Pierce
Published May 23, 2013

In Ireland for official city business, Mayor Mario Guerra on Thursday met with Roscommon County, Ireland mayor Tom Crosby and its CEO to sign papers making official a sister city relationship between Downey and Roscommon County.

Guerra presented Ireland with an

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Her Irish Roots

Publication: L.A. LIFE – Daily News
By Mary Vose Special to the Daily News
Published May 23, 2000

Finding your roots can be a very personal discovery. For artist Maureen Gaffney Wolfson, the trip back to her ancestral home is a journey she wants to share with the world. "It was a journey

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Shooting For The Stars

Publication: Senior Digest
By Bob Ottaviano
Published October 2006

The cameras were rolling. Maureen Gaffney-Wolfson was on the studio floor, playing dead. A 300-pound man was on cue to die, too. And then she made her move. “When I saw him coming down, I rolled over,” she said, laughing. “I wasn’t going

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Bronx Museum of the Arts - Maureen Gaffney: Mood Pieces

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St. John Eudes Art Show & Auction

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Celestial Passion: The Inspired Paintings of Maureen Gaffney-Wolfson

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Spiritual homecoming for U.S. artist with Keadue roots

Publication: Roscommon Champion
By Paul Gunning
Published July 31, 1998

Top American entertainment personalities have clamoured to purchase works produced by Maureen who is cur­rently fascinated and preoccu­pied with all things Roscommon. Her patrons include the ex-President of Ireland, Mary Robinson. Most forceful in her current work is the recurrent cross-reference of

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As Israel Turns 60, Area Jews Reflect 'It Was A Dream Of 2,000 Years Realized'

Publication: FAITH section - Daily News
By Jerry Berrios

Pubished May 10, 2008

He's 80 now, with a lifetime of experiences that includes escaping the Holocaust, fathering two sons and traveling the world for his jewelry business. But one of Ernie Goldberger's most vivid and enduring memories is the day nearly 60

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See the Irish Countryside via Artist's Landscapes

Publication: Simi Valley Acorn
By Angela Randazzo
Published July 4, 2008

SPECIAL TALENT- Artist Maureen Gaffney-Wolfson poses by some of her work Wednesday at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center. Gaffney-Wolfson has been painting for more than 40 years and currently has around 30 pieces on display at the center. Irish landscapes

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Veteran Actress Feels Spirits Of Roscommon Ancestors Calling Her To Go Home Again

Publication: The Downey Patriot
By Henry Veneracion
Published on April 25, 2013

DOWNEY - The upcoming trip by a delegation from Downey to Roscommon County, Ireland - the birthplace of John Gately Downey, after whom the city is named - has unearthed unexpected links sure to add color and an exciting new

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Californi Artist Finds Beauty in Barnsley

Publication: Rome News Tribune
By Dennis McCarthy
Published June 1, 2006

A few years ago California artist Maureen Gaffney Wolfson stayed at Barnsley Gardens. She was so inspired by the beauty of her surroundings that for two years she has been creating oil paintings depicting scenes from the Northwest Georgia resort.

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