Publication: Irish News
Publication Date: September 1995

Maureen Gaffney, Irish American entertainer and artist (named woman artist of the year in 1983) and her husband Steve Wolfson are now operating their own restaurant, L.A. Gourmet, located in Chatsworth. L.A. Gourmet is an exceptional enterprise: the food is special and not expensive; there is entertainment every night, with Maureen appearing most weekends singing American Standards backed up by a snappy jazz band; the decor is a treasure trove of show-biz pictures and memorabilia; and as a further delight, Maureen’s paintings (including a large collection of Irish scenes) are on permanent display.

Maureen and Steve are gracious and traditional restaurateurs who will make sure your visit to the L.A. Gourmet meets your expectations.

Left to right: Maureen Gaffney, David Whitfield, Ben Rizzi