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Quotes from some of Maureen’s Collectors:

“Maureen Gaffney Wolfson is a giften artist in all areas…a warm, charming person and a treasure to so many.”
– Arthur Hiller, Director June 18, 2014

“Her artwork gives me feelings of peace and serenity.”
– Dr. Hrayr Shahinian

“You are, indeed, a most talented and creative artist. I look forward to seeing your future work and expect to hear great things about you and your artistic endeavors.”
– Frank Sinatra

“You have certainly captured the beauty of Ireland in your work and, lady, that is a real accomplishment.” “I am deeply appreciative of your talent and please keep on painting forever.”
– Barbara Stanwyck

“Her paintings recapture the feeling of the old times. She is a wonderful talent. Her work contains incredible feeling and depth.”
– President of Ireland Mary McAleese

“She has beautiful insight. Her paintings are very spiritual.”
– Lord Mayor Alderdice of Belfast

“Her paintings are magical and serene. They belong in museums.”
– Terry Leyden, Senator and Former Trade Minister of Ireland

“She certainly belongs in your home as I am proud to have her in mine.”
– Mel Carter, Singer/Songwriter

“Her works create visual images of her many moods. Her compositions are romantic with soft tones.”
– Carmen Vega Rivera, Former Curator of the Bronx Museum of the Arts

“She is incredibly talented with the ability to capture many moods and emotions.”
– Vera Vida, Former Writer for the Patriot Ledger Newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts

“This will inspire me to write.” (Quoted as he was looking at the two paintings he purchased from Maureen Gaffney Wolfson)
– Carlos Thompson, Playwright

Additional Collectors:

Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson
Red Skelton
Raymond Burr
Liza Minnelli
Carlos Thompson
Lilly Palmer
Henny Youngman
Jean Kennedy Smith
Former Minister for Defense of Ireland Michael Smith