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Irish American Artist Maureen Gaffney-Wolfson has been entertaining audiences in a variety of mediums for over 40 years. She has transformed her career from being a model, actress, singer, and dancer to a world renowned painter. Maureen has spent years traveling the world and bringing her experiences back to the United States where she celebrates them in her work. Her success has been based not only on her talent, but on the hearts that her paintings touch.

It was after dropping out of school at an early age that Maureen began to cultivate her creative side. Living on both the east and west coasts, Maureen pulled from her experiences and immersed her talents with the emotional ride that life offered. After landing a reoccurring role on the Red Skelton Show, modeling for world famous Andre De Dienas, and traveling the United States as a “Harlow Girl”, Maureen enrolled in the Art Students League under Thomas Fogerty and David Laffell. Recognized as Woman Artist of the Year in 1983 by the International Beaux Arts Inc., Maureen’s painting career immediately took off and she has never looked back.

In 1987, Maureen married her husband, Stephen, who has been an inspiration and support system for her career. They currently reside in California where Maureen has been working on her next collection as well as her memoir, which should be completed later this year.